Chankaya Chant’s – A Book Review

12 Aug


Title:           Chankaya’s Chant
Author:       Ashwin Sanghi
Price:          INR 190/-
Publication: Hachette India
Story is set between 2 era, one is present world and other in 340 BC around 2300 years back in the times of Chandragupta and his guru Chankaya.Chapter 1 talk about Chankaya and chapter 2 talk about his modern version of chankaya “Gangasagar” and same trend continues throughout the book. Its like similar situation or their similar way of handling situation is describen in alternating chapters. Much like we saw in movie ” Rang de Basanti” where the story revolves between freedom fighters and modern version of youngster fighting for present problems of India.
Gangasagar Misra’s father died when he was quite young and for the sake of his family he started working with wily businessman – Agarwalji. He learnt rule of business, politics from his employer. To serve the country and to save our nation form politicians gangasagar jumps first into state politics and then into center politics.
Later he met with oxford graduated girl Chandini gupta who become her protege and like a kingmaker gangasagar helped her in becoming primeminister of India. Story revolved around tacts and techniques through which he manipulate situation and people around him to achieve bigger goal of Unified India
Ancient story deals with Chankaya who also lost his father early in life and partly to take revenge from his enemies and partly for unified Bharat …..helped Chandragupta in becoming ruler of Bharat.
End is revealed in prologue itself but its the path taken which keep you hookd to book.
My Verdict  : I neverpreferred reading historic genre…this is my first ever book politics/history based book and I m happy to say that i m not disappointed. The best thing i like abt books is author has done lot of ground work. Its extremely well reserached book.Twisting the facts, gossip, blackmail and removing of obstacles are all part and parcel of dirty politics and are very well depicted here.  Book shows the politics is not only about pulling each other’s hair  but involve much more  and requires understanding of  a lot of varied fields.  Present date story gives hintes about present day  happenings  around us  and gets the reader wear thie r thinking caps. Overall interesting  book. Story moves very fast and at no point you feel bored. Author has proven the point that basic of politics remain same though era has changed . Lot of information is still basis of ruling the country/state .  Stage is changed , characters are different ……tactics and stratergies nevertheles remain same in every era..
Author has interweeved past and present in perfect way and never let you feel confused between two different stories.
My rating 4/5

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4 Responses to “Chankaya Chant’s – A Book Review”

  1. Swaram November 1, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    Hello ma’am! Hw r u dng?

  2. Saritha December 12, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Me too read this book,liked it.

    btw how are you and how is angel??

  3. Swaram December 31, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Whr r u Rash? N hw r u all dng?

    • Rashmi February 5, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

      Hey Swaram…Glad to see you still chk my blog 🙂
      Somehow got busy/writer’s block/lost interest…all coming at same time ..But I will be back soon

      How are you ..and hows YFS doing…I m sure with each passing day you must be enjoying it more,,,

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