RIP – Book Review

17 Feb


Title: RIP ( Resurgent Indian Patriots )
Price: INR 200/-
Publisher: Westland
Author : Mukul Deva (
Pages – 286

This is the Firth thriller by Indian author which i really really liked. Colonel Krishna Athawale (Retd.) with his 6 member “K -Team” is on mission to kill corrupt politicians and induce fear in remaining one.This team is called K team as all team member’s name start with K ( Remind me of Ekta Kapoor’s K mania 🙂 ) K team is bold band of people who are taking on corruption riddled establishment in thier own way.They first perfectly executed killing of 3 near and dear ones of politician with injection and later on by shooting from very far roof top which only an army officer can do. The most scared person by RIP warning is Home-Minister Karunakaran. He want to kill all RIP team members so that their dirty secrets dont come out and appointed his personal commando Raghav Bhagat in addition to officially assigned cop CBI Head Vinod Bedi to get rid of RIP.

Vinod and Raghav both are trying to stop RIP but will they succeed in their mission or not. K team members are normal indian national who has family to feed. Will their desire to make India shine on world’s map by removing corruption will make their families suffer… I m so tempted to write more but that will spoil the reader’s surprise/joy in reading hte book.

There is also romantic angel in book but it has lil to do with main story line. Author has kept name of all character name very close to real life politicians. Indeed a very bold step… you can quickly know which politician author is talking about in real life and he has also used real life scams like 2G and bofors also about lokpal bill

My take on book -> Author is from army background and it’s clearly evident in the to the point description of weapons and shooting method. I really felt from the heart that this book should turn into reality and we get some commandos who shoot all corrupt politicians and youngster get a chance to lead our nation.
India will be dream country to live in then 🙂

Perfect thriller, true page turner and one that leaves desperate feeling in your mind that wish somehow this turn into reality in our country. Wish some RIP

I like following lines from book – He knew there would be a way. There always is. One just have to look hard enough.

About Author -> Mukul Deva is alumnus of National Defence academy Pune and worked 15years with Indian army. His experience with army is clearly visible in book. Currently he is entrepreneur, motivational speaker and executive business and creativity coach.He says in his Author’s Note –

“This book was born out of an extreme sense of anger and shame. Anger at the appalling, naked greed so shamelessly displayed by the Indian political class. And shame that they happen to be fellow-Indians

My Rating – 4/5
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