No Man’s Land – Book Review

29 Jan


From the blurb –

”Land – you cant burn it like money;you cant melt it like gold. You can only buy it, sell it,snatch it, grab it. Title change, government change, but the land stays where it is- unmoved sterile. That is its beauty. But somewhere deep down, men want to grab its immortality and slip it into their horribly insecure lives. They never can, but they never will stop trying”

No Man’s land is written by Nilesh Shrivastava and published by Fingerprint publisher.

This book doesn’t seem interesting to me from the blurb however I have read some really good reviews about it so when got a chance to get review copy from blogadda ..I just grabbed it 🙂 Surprisingly I was completely hooked to it till end. It quite different from routine stuff we got from lot of Indian authors about college and love life.

No Man’s land is story spread across 3 generations. Agastya’s father run a small paint shop in busy city of Delhi. Its doing moderately well and they are quite satisfied with income.
When time came for Agastya to join family business, he was not quite happy with the scale of business. With the help of distant cousin Shashwat who works for his father, agastya started expanding the business and took it new scales. Agastya has a inclination toward her neighbor Shailja who is 8yr elder to him. Their love couldn’t last long and Shailja got married to somebody else.

In due course of time Agastya got married to Shubangi on his father’s proposal.
Some unfortunate incidents bring his sister and brother in law to their house and Agastya started loosing control over business.

Some more twist and turns take Agastya to farm land at sirca village, Gurgaon. A really big piece of land which now he want to give to his two sons, one legitimate and other one illegitimate both of whom are interested in land for different reasons. But is it that easy to divide the land.

My take on book – Its really literary masterpiece from Indian author. Quite different from regular run of the mill love stories and college life. Characters are very well developed and story seems so real as if is happening to next door neighbour. I like it more because of Delhi and Gurgaon setting also as I stay in Gurgaon ;-). I specifically liked the character of shahwat who is doing his work with full dedication throughout his life without expecting anything in return. Ending did disappointed me as it was quite filmy type not real. It seems as if auther is in hurry of completing the book and just ended it in a very casual way.

Overall nice read and I do recommend it to all of you.. Do read it 🙂

Author – Nilesh Shrivastav holds degree in Computer engineering and currently working in financial sector from fourteen years. He lives with his wife and son in Delhi.

My Rating – 4.5/5

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