Going to Park..

12 Mar

Its always a pleasure to be surround by lush greenery. I love going to parks with my family. There is so much for kids as well as adults to do in the park

1)Breathe in fresh air. We normally don’t get it with so many buildings around. The thing which was common in the past has nowadays become rare. So I am always conscious of the fact that my kids should go out in nature at least once a day.
2)Swings – Hours become second when you are on a swing. Angel and Lil prince both just adore all kinds of swings available in the park.
3)Cycling – Angel love to roam and do zoom zoom on her bicycle. She is still using the training wheels. I think it’s time to move on to proper cycle now 
4)Nature walk and I should say run for kids as they never walk. They just want to run madly chasing each other and playing numerous games.
5)Exercise – There are so many ppl exercising that non-exercise enthusiastic person like me also get in mood to do some lifts there.


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