K is for Kangaroo

12 Apr


Angel loves books from the beginning. She has favourite books and favourite characters and lot of time she create her own story from those characters. During her first year I introduced her to lot of board books with single letter on them like books on playground, my first words, animals, alphabets. In her second year, I started story books and her first story book was “A blessing from above”. It’s not a story which is easy to understand or advisable as first book of child. I just picked it up as that time I was not much aware of children books. But till date this is her favourite book.

Its story of little KANGAROO fondly known as Mumma Roo in the book who doesn’t have baby. She went for walk in a jungle saw beautiful butterflies with their babies fluttering in field of flower.Next she met squirrel gathering acorns for their family. Mamma Kangaroo wish she also have baby with who she can play and share the joy of life. She felt tired after lot of walk and sat under tree. There was a bluebird nest on that tree and lil bluebirds were coming out of eggs. When last bluebird came from nest there was no space left and bluebird fell from tree into mumma kangaroo’s lap. Mumma Roo hugged the baby and took permission from mother bluebird to keep their new baby with her.

Its beautiful story to teach children about adoption and its reasons.

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