P is for Parenting

18 Apr


This blog got birth when I become parent –
to capture birth of new parent
to capture birth of my little angel
her milestones
my worries and my happiness as new mom
my experiences as I sailed into this parenting journey
to seek advice to give advice
to share with all moms there that you are not alone
to know all other mommy bloggers who made my journey easy by sharing their experiences
to connect and make life long friends
to share my joy as second time mom
to share siblings fight and siblings love
to share why i need two kids and how life is with two kids
to share working parent dilemmas
to share joy of watching your little one growing each day
to share what all books you read to your kids
to share how your little one got hooked to books
to share any new interesting thing/activity you can do with your kids

In short this blog is all about my journey as parent. I am enjoying my journey as a parent and trying my level best to become that PERFECT PARENT for my kiddos 🙂

I strive for perfection in every thing. IF I am office I want to deliver all my projects in perfect way.
If I am at home I want to be a perfect parent.
At the end of day every parent just want their kids to be happy, to lead successful life, to enjoy every moment.
My parenting journey has become more enriching experience with this blog. I got to know lot of other mommy bloggers through my blog. It helps me in changing my perception about so many things. I feel I am more aware mom now 🙂

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