U is for Ugly Duckling

24 Apr


There is very old children’s fable – The Ugly Duckling.
In this story mumma duck gave birth to 6 ducklings out of which 5 are beautiful and one is ugly.
Now all beautiful duckling says to ugly duckling – You are ugly Go away.
Ugly duckling go away from that place and he met a boy – Boy says – You are ugly Go away
Ugly duckling then met a cow – cow says – You are ugly Go away
Ugly duckling then met couple of other animals who keep on pushing him away coz he is ugly.

I really don’t know who on earth can make this type of children story where emphasis is given on physical beauty and little ones who don’t know meaning of ugly keep on asking what is ugly
Why everybody is pushing this sweet duckling.
When angel was small I got this book as gift and while reading to her I just said to her ugly mean the child who doesn’t have good manners.
I don’t have heart to explain whats ugly .
These types of stories should be banned from publishing which teaches wrong things to children..

Have any of you read – Ugly Duckling…What are your thought on this.

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