3’s A Crowd – Book Review 2

19 Feb


 Title : 3’s A Crowd
Author:    Vijay Nagaswami
Price:        INR. 250/-
Publisher: Westland

   This book is 3 rd in series by Chennai based relationship counsellor Vijay Nagaswami. His earlier two books “24* 7 Marriage : Smart Strategies for good beginning” and ” The fifty – 50 Marriage : Return to intimacy” dealt with some tips and tricks abt surviving in marriage in era where divorce are ever increasing.

3’s A crowd deals about understanding and surviving infidelity. Quoting from back page

ITs a myth that only men have affairs.

Who do you think they are having affair with ? It’s not only the aggrieved partner that needs to  understand and survive infidelity. The perpetrator too is sometimes a victim of affair.

Book is divided into two parts 1) Understanding Infidelity 2) Surviving Infidelity

 First few chapter explains how affairs are so common these days specially in middle and higher socio economic class and its like everybody has a token in their hand and waiting for their turn. Author has included several stories about couple who think they are just fren and sharing some 50 sms and 20  mails and few hours on call everyday  is perfectly normal frenship 🙂 Every line is followed by a story of affair..most of the time ppl think they are casual frens and soon they start feeling emotionally attached.

There are several examples of couple who found their spouse in relationship with colleague and it was so easy to track them down coz of sms/phone bills/email etc.  He also covered e-affair in which couples havent met but are actively involved each other through internet.  And there is something called “peer pressure affair” ( I actually laughed out loud after reading this 🙂 ) How ppl look for affair just to get out of image of ” party pooper “

Second part which cover surviving infidelity deals with trauma of aggrieved and transgressor patrner and later how to survive the bandwagon.

My take on book – I got this review copy from Blogadda. When I showed my interest in book, i didn’t realise that this in nont fiction book. I hardly read any non-fiction so at first moment i repented when I got review copy but it was not disappointed at all. I liked the fact that author has not looked those in affairs as villian and made book interesting with lot of short stories probably from his clients 🙂

My Rating – 3/5

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Sister of my Heart – Book Review 1

13 Feb

Title:           Sister of My Heart
Author:     Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Price:           INR. 812/-
Anju and Sudha are cousin not by blood relation but due to different kind of love which evolves from the day they were born on same day. They are lucky enough to get love of three mother but their father’s died before they were born due to an accident on adventurous trip. Anju belongs to upper class , typical, orthodox Chatterjee family and Sudha is distant cousin who stay at Anju’s house with her widow mother.
Anju is rebellious, book lover, practical and Sudha is day dreamer, one who think her life is fairytale and one day prince charming will come and rescue her from this traditional house. Anju want to study till college and Sudha want to open her own business.  Anju always protect Sudha from her ill mouthed mother and Sudha always want Anju to be happy. Anju’s mother  is bread earner of family and Sudha’s mother Nalini and her aunt Pishi take care of house.
One day Sudha got to know abt secret of their father’s death and her feeling toward Anju changed. She was no longer equal to Anju and she feel indebite to Anju’s family.
As always things didn’t turn out as planned and family decided to get girls married after their  12th exam. Sudha could go against her mother’s will and said yes instantly. Anju tried to rebel but found herself  saying yes after a heated argument with her mother.  Bond between sister shake when Anju saw her bridegroom falling over Sudha. She felt a pang of jealousy toware her sister of heart.
Sudha got married in traditional home of Bardhaman and easily fit into role of good bahu who do everything at her mom in law’s will .  Anju went to America with her husband and start college and was leading comfortable life when tragedy strikes her and she look toward sudha for help
Will Sudha sacrifice again her happiness for Anju ?
Whats the secret of their father’s death ?
Books is full of secret and every chapter reveal one secret. Go and read to know the answers 🙂
My take on book :-> Mesmerizing, one book which remains with you for longer time. Its written in poetic tone and you feel enthrall with each page. I felt as if I am in Chatterjee’s house, and I am going through same emotion as the sister. I totally loved the book and feel sad when it end.  Loved following lines most
“You must make your own happiness. You must be wise enough to recognize it when it comes. And if it doesn’t come in spite of all your efforts, you must do something about that as well.”

“Isn’t it funny, that sometimes the things we’ve feared the most, year after year, turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to us?”

There is sequel “Vines of Desire” and I have already ordered it 🙂

Rating – 5/5

Chankaya Chant’s – A Book Review

12 Aug


Title:           Chankaya’s Chant
Author:       Ashwin Sanghi
Price:          INR 190/-
Publication: Hachette India
Story is set between 2 era, one is present world and other in 340 BC around 2300 years back in the times of Chandragupta and his guru Chankaya.Chapter 1 talk about Chankaya and chapter 2 talk about his modern version of chankaya “Gangasagar” and same trend continues throughout the book. Its like similar situation or their similar way of handling situation is describen in alternating chapters. Much like we saw in movie ” Rang de Basanti” where the story revolves between freedom fighters and modern version of youngster fighting for present problems of India.
Gangasagar Misra’s father died when he was quite young and for the sake of his family he started working with wily businessman – Agarwalji. He learnt rule of business, politics from his employer. To serve the country and to save our nation form politicians gangasagar jumps first into state politics and then into center politics.
Later he met with oxford graduated girl Chandini gupta who become her protege and like a kingmaker gangasagar helped her in becoming primeminister of India. Story revolved around tacts and techniques through which he manipulate situation and people around him to achieve bigger goal of Unified India
Ancient story deals with Chankaya who also lost his father early in life and partly to take revenge from his enemies and partly for unified Bharat …..helped Chandragupta in becoming ruler of Bharat.
End is revealed in prologue itself but its the path taken which keep you hookd to book.
My Verdict  : I neverpreferred reading historic genre…this is my first ever book politics/history based book and I m happy to say that i m not disappointed. The best thing i like abt books is author has done lot of ground work. Its extremely well reserached book.Twisting the facts, gossip, blackmail and removing of obstacles are all part and parcel of dirty politics and are very well depicted here.  Book shows the politics is not only about pulling each other’s hair  but involve much more  and requires understanding of  a lot of varied fields.  Present date story gives hintes about present day  happenings  around us  and gets the reader wear thie r thinking caps. Overall interesting  book. Story moves very fast and at no point you feel bored. Author has proven the point that basic of politics remain same though era has changed . Lot of information is still basis of ruling the country/state .  Stage is changed , characters are different ……tactics and stratergies nevertheles remain same in every era..
Author has interweeved past and present in perfect way and never let you feel confused between two different stories.
My rating 4/5

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Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Post 2

2 May


Author: Kim Edwards
Price: 299/-
Publication: Penguin Books Flipkart

This book will make you cry and can even depress you at some time. Story starts in 1964 when Doctor Henry took her wife Norah to hospital who deliver twins with the help of  nurse. While his wife was sleeping and didn’t realize that she has given birth to twins, Dr Henry found out that her daughter is suffering from down syndrome. He instantly remember his childhood where his sister died after 12yrs of struggle due to down syndrome. He remembered how his childhood was different from normal kids because of his sick sister and his parents who have to give all their attention to sick sister.

He decided at that moment only to send his daughter to special hospital who take care of these kids. He handed over his daughter to nurse Caroline and tell his wife that their daughter died immediately after birth.

Caroline didn’t like the place where Dr Henry sent her for handing over their daughter and decided to raise the kid on her own. On the other hand Norah felt too depressed after knowing that her daughter is no more and she couldn’t even see her..Her depression grew day by day.. Now Dr Henry is suffering from guilt of leaving her daughter abandoned, Norah feel sad about death of her daughter and their son feel unwanted in life of his parent.

What will happen to daughter who doesn’t know who her real parents are…will doctor ever be able to tell his wife about their daughter ?

ITs quite slow at some time but I suggest to read this as its full of emotions and remind us how joy and sorrow are interconnected. This books reminds us that we always try to protect our loved ones from suffering but what they want us is true sharing rather than just good times.

My rating – 4/5


5 Jan

By the Water Cooler !!

15 Oct

Parul from Brining up Adi and now renamed as Radio Parul is all set to launch her second book ” By the water cooler” . If you read her first book”Bringing up Vasu” you would surely know what a laughter riot she created in her first attempt and I am eagerly looking forward to her second book now.

There is exciting contest going on her blog where you need to write anecdote from your office. Here are the rules

  • You need to write a post telling a story or an anecdote based in an office. It could be about you, your spouse, kids, neighbour, whoever – it just needs to be based in an office. It can be funny, serious, somewhere in between, but it needs to be based in an office. It can feature a single protagonist or multiple characters, but it…yes, I know, you got it. 
  • You need to link to this post
  • You need to put By The Water Cooler in the title of your post
  • You need to leave me a link to your post in the comments section
  • If you don’t have a blog, leave me your entry in the comments section and it will be counted

IF your entry is selected then you will get autographed copy of this book 🙂

So here is my entry for contest

 When I did my grad..mobiles were not so common so I am not in much touch with my college pals…Its must later I foudn them again on Orkut/FB. For me office is always a place which I can say “Home away from home”..I have such wonderful frens there that I never miss my home in early days when I was in south India (hyd)..and later when I came back to Delhi , found new frens in team members and other ppl on floor. i remember when I spent hours searching for saree to wear in office on ethnic wear day, It was same feeling which I got in college on any occasion.

I m working in same company from last 4.5yrs so you can imagine my attachment to my office. Its like I grow in this office. I got engage, married and later have baby too…and there is so much similarity in my 4best frens at office..We all got married in same yr..have baby also in same  yr..and now enjoy discussion each and every thing abt our babies 🙂 ..when I got engaged.I once said to my frens that ” why always women have to sacrifice..why not man leave their  house and come and stay with woman’s family” ……Its been 3yrs into marriage and still my frens tease me with word sacrifice 😆 lol:

I go to office once in week/10days…..and its like going for picnic for me..I enjoy dressing up for office, meeting frens, getting all gossip of  last 10days….short coffee brks, pizza parties and evening walks in office lawn 🙂

Love Life and All that Jazz…

8 Sep

Author:     Ahmed Faiyaz

Publisher:  Sanbun

Price:        Rs. 150/- (available for 99/- at Flipkart)

Love, life & all that jazz is story of 4 frens Tanveer , Sameer, Vicky and Tania and their respective partners. Story started when their college ends and spans over 5-6 yrs.

Sameer and Tania and college buddies and seeing each other from long .however their sweet and very strong relationship faces major hiccups when Sameer decided to go to UK for further studies and later decided to work their only.

Tania is interior decorator and in sameer’s absence fell for her business partner Ankur but Is Ankur really worth of tania..

Vicky is typical rich dad spoilt son who is supporting her model fren Naina and is in madly love with naina.however naina’s new publicity and her dreams of getting big into modeling by doing exposure make vicky feel bad…..but something happen which changes vicky’s attitude toward life.

Tanveer who is from small town and poor family is always burdened from his parents expectation and also center of all jokes by his frens..he fell in luv with his parsi housemate and Tanaj and later got confused to choose between parents or luv life..

What I like about this books is relationship seems real and like today’s youth don’t break after breakups or other family problems ..rather they get up and find a solution for problem. There is lot of positivity in book and frenship between 4 protagonist which makes it fun read….however very predictable happy ending.

Thing which i dont like is it has dates in beginning of each chapter and sometime story progress one year and i need to go back to previous chapter and look for date to understand it .

It no literary masterpiece or not even near to that but good read when you are travelling or for lazy afternoon 🙂  I finished it in two stretches..

My Rating :- 3/5

I too had a luv story

12 Mar


This is not book review….there is more to it.

I picked up this book just on my instinct from flipkart and also coz price was too less 🙂 But due to busy schedule it kept lying in my bookshelf  for more than a month . Last week I was bored with idiot box..as nothing good was coming ..so picked up this book.

Story started with guy name “Ravinder” who is software engineer and working with infosys and looking for perfect match through most common channel of  geeks – Shaadi.com. Soon he find luv of his life Khushi and stayed in touch with her through phone only without seeing her.  After few months they met and get ok from family side to get married soon….Pretty normal like any other luv story.

But there comes twist in tale. Khushi met with accident just two days before her engagement. This news unfold in last section of book…hardly 15pages left….but in those 15 pages i got bigger shock

From lot of facts mentioned below…I just recollect I know Khushi.. …We shared cab for 5-6 days …there were so many facts similar in my colleague Khushi and this khushi mentioned in books


  • Accident two days before engagement
  • Date of engagement 14th Feb 2007
  • House near to one of famous hotel of city ( Name of hotel is mentioned in book)
  • She shifted one week before accident from emea to NA ( night shift ) shift  and accident happened while coming back from work at 5:00 AM
  • City where she lives and where she works
  • Religion – Punjabi sardaar
  • Hospital name she stayed in first and after few days move to next hospital.
  • She got multiple fracture in her jaw and that was main cause of  her death
  • She was sitting at back seat next to driver….driver died on spot and person next to driver was safe and car hit truck from one side.
  • Blood was arranged from company where she works by sending mail to all employees
  • And above all name


All the above mentioned things are same with my colleague and girl mentioned in book.  At the time of death she was kind of hi-hello fren….I felt bad at news of her death but now after reading book…after reading all her emotions and splly abt Ravinder….what he must be going through…I felt terrible. It was big shock for me to read about someone i knew in real….

Two States !!

22 Oct



Two States – thats chetan bhagat recent book…which i read luckily…After having angel..its kind of touch to catch up on my activities and interest..I am not kind of book loving person but really love reading all CB’s book…infact his “one night at call center” was the first one i read completely

Story is simple but way of narration is simply superb..

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.They get married.

In India, there are few more steps

Boy loves girl, Girl loves boy.

Girls family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl,

Girl’s family has to love boy’s family.Boy’s family has to love girl’s family.

Girl boy still managed to love each other .they get married

This is what is written at back of book and summarize whole story… There is guy krish who loves south indian beauty ananaya swaminathan…Falling in love is easy but to materialise it till  marriage is not peice of cake.They met in IIMA campus and got mad for each other..Soon college life got over and they got job in  different company.  pre=””>Krish managed to get posted in Chennai which is ananaya’s hometown…He tried his level best through his amusing ways to impress them by giving coaching to younger brother Manju , giving chance of singing at concert to her mother , helping dad with his office work  In second part its ananya’s turn to plead krish’s family and she also did it well..problem came when family have to meet…Well i m not gonna write whole story here..go and grab the book..its worth reading !!!


There is good comparison between south indian and north indian living style and mentality. He tries to make fun of both so that nobody feel offended Like for what marble flooring is for north indian family ..its iit degree for south indian

There is important lesson also which i like most.. ” Forgiving – For you ..forgiving doesnt make the person who hurts you feel better…it makes you feel better”  ..so apt and true !!


There is something different in chetan’s writing style which makes me hooked to it until i finish it..though for this one i took 1 week to finish…like my homework i use to read it mostly at night or early morning hours