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X is for Gen X

28 Apr


I always feel confused about Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. Which is current generation and which are called older generation. To avoid this confusion I m writing it here so that my fellow bloggers can also consult if they ever feel confused over these Generation names 🙂
From Wikepedia
Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom. Demographers, historians and commentators use beginning birth dates from the early 1960s to the early 1980s.

Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation[1] or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Generation Z is one name used for the cohort of people born after the Millennial Generation. There is no agreement on the exact dates of the generation with some sources starting it at the mid or late 1990s [1] or from the mid 2000s [2] to the present day. This is the generation that is currently being born.

W is for Worry

26 Apr


A baby is the decision to forever have your heart go walking outside your body. – From Pinterest

Before having babies, I used to just worry about my studies and then about my job. I was under the impression that if you have got a good career and a loving husband, life will be a bed of roses and the happily ever after type because nothing else seems to be as bad as working hard to pass the exams with good marks.

However, in practical life, the actual worry starts when you get that tiny little bundle of joy, made from your flesh and blood, who was part of your body for 9 months in your hands. The baby surely walks outside taking a part of your heart with it always. Till the time you don’t have a child of your own, you don’t know why everything related to kids is such a big deal. A typical mommy like me definitely thinks on following things daily without a doubt

1)Have my kids eaten healthy food? Are they eating less food than a normal, healthy child should eat or are they over-eating? I don’t want them to result into being unhealthy and overweight or even for that matter underweight.

2) What all food should be included in their daily diet? Let me consult my pediatrician again or recipes from fellow ‘mommy bloggers’ would be helpful.

3) Too much ice-cream is always bad as it may spoil teeth or worst, he/she may get terrible cold. But ice-cream’s a favourite! Am I taking the joy of childhood away from my kids by not giving ice-creams?

4) Extended TV viewing is harmful for kids. How should I control her TV time because she is so fond of Noddy, Dora and Diego cartoons. It’s my mistake because I should be giving them better alternatives, only then will they be away from the idiot box.

5) Oh My God her Potty colour is dark yellow today. It should have been perfect yellow like each time. Is she sick? Is that the reason behind the colour of her potty? I should discuss this immediately with my mommy friends group on Whatsapp. I should be aware what the colour of potty of other kids is these days. Or Should I go to pediatrician directly?

6) What if my kid falls on the playground? The swing is too high, they may fall, roundabout is going too fast, they may fall; they are running too fast to catch each other, they may fall and hurt their knees. It’s too hot, they may just catch the flu. It’s too cold at the playground, they may have a running nose.

7) Am I taking ample photographs of kids? Have I missed the walking milestone pic. I’m yet to sort all the pics I have taken so far. They should be neatly organized as per date and year. I have to take many printouts too. What if my hard-disc gets corrupted overnight? I will lose all those precious moments. Noooooooooooo!

8) My kid is going only to one extra-curricular class. Should I be sending her to more classes? She is learning only dance! On the other hand what about music, skating, swimming, painting, arts and craft, aerobics, gardening, science fun class, phonetics and spelling classes? What else will interest my child and help her grow as well?

“Kids have special protection from God, He won’t let them fall. So just trust Him.”
I am a mom of two kids, with my older one soon going to be 5. With my 5 years of experience into mommyhood I can definitely say Worry is a big waste of time, energy, thoughts, health and happiness. My mother in law says, “Kids have special protection from God, He won’t let them fall. So just trust Him.”

I don’t know whether God is there watching them or not, but I have experienced many time that kids do save themselves from falling. They won’t go to bed with a hungry stomach, just like us. When we can’t sleep without food, how can they? We never had the option of summer camps and a dearth of other classes during our childhood. Still we turned out just fine and so will our kids! Relax and just enjoy this beautiful time with kids as they will soon grow up to fly away from our cocoon in their own big world.

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U is for Ugly Duckling

24 Apr


There is very old children’s fable – The Ugly Duckling.
In this story mumma duck gave birth to 6 ducklings out of which 5 are beautiful and one is ugly.
Now all beautiful duckling says to ugly duckling – You are ugly Go away.
Ugly duckling go away from that place and he met a boy – Boy says – You are ugly Go away
Ugly duckling then met a cow – cow says – You are ugly Go away
Ugly duckling then met couple of other animals who keep on pushing him away coz he is ugly.

I really don’t know who on earth can make this type of children story where emphasis is given on physical beauty and little ones who don’t know meaning of ugly keep on asking what is ugly
Why everybody is pushing this sweet duckling.
When angel was small I got this book as gift and while reading to her I just said to her ugly mean the child who doesn’t have good manners.
I don’t have heart to explain whats ugly .
These types of stories should be banned from publishing which teaches wrong things to children..

Have any of you read – Ugly Duckling…What are your thought on this.

R is for Roald Dahl

21 Apr


I read very good reviews about Roald Dahl children books and adult books approx. 2years back. Since then it was in my to read list.
Brought his first short story book – KissKiss around a year back and it was gracing my book shelf without moving from to –read to read shelf 
Without any particular reason I just didn’t read this book and finally started reading it last week.

I was literally awestruck by author’s ability to write amazing short stories from very ordinary mundane routine life. He has very keen observation and each short story included in Kiss Kiss book has twisted ending. You will predict where the story is going and at the end author has just written something totally different making your jaw wide opened. And it’s not twisted in routine way, he has written gentle hints and leaving upto to reader to make it as a whole story  The character development at the start of story really help in making out meaning of indirectly quoted end 

Now I have one big regret Why I took so long to know abt this great author and his work. My to read list now included all the books written by Roald Dahl and I am waiting for my kids to grow up and read his books 

You can read more about Roald Dahl here

D is for …Disney

4 Apr


I am taking part in A to z Challenge and today’s letter is D

D is for Disney – I have recently brought cute lilttle Disney princess school bag for Angel as she is too much in princess mode these days.
Everything has to be pink or purple for her. Red is kind of ok but not her favorite.

I tried hard that she doesn’t get too much liking toward pinks but guess girls are wired in that way that pink bug bites them definitely at some stage of childhood.
Everywhere in mall, girls dress, toys, school bags are mostly pink. If you try to look for gender neutral colors in bags it mostly superhero in fighting pose and she doesn’t like it at all.

BTW have any of you watched Frozen. First Disney princess movie where heroine is not fantasying about love and looked brave.
I recommend this movie for all kids.

A must watch movie for all kids and even parents will like it too.

Today school has started for new session and my big girl is in K.G now. She was super excited to go to school and meet her friends.
Thankfully no shuffling and all her old classmates are in same section