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Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Post 2

2 May


Author: Kim Edwards
Price: 299/-
Publication: Penguin Books Flipkart

This book will make you cry and can even depress you at some time. Story starts in 1964 when Doctor Henry took her wife Norah to hospital who deliver twins with the help of  nurse. While his wife was sleeping and didn’t realize that she has given birth to twins, Dr Henry found out that her daughter is suffering from down syndrome. He instantly remember his childhood where his sister died after 12yrs of struggle due to down syndrome. He remembered how his childhood was different from normal kids because of his sick sister and his parents who have to give all their attention to sick sister.

He decided at that moment only to send his daughter to special hospital who take care of these kids. He handed over his daughter to nurse Caroline and tell his wife that their daughter died immediately after birth.

Caroline didn’t like the place where Dr Henry sent her for handing over their daughter and decided to raise the kid on her own. On the other hand Norah felt too depressed after knowing that her daughter is no more and she couldn’t even see her..Her depression grew day by day.. Now Dr Henry is suffering from guilt of leaving her daughter abandoned, Norah feel sad about death of her daughter and their son feel unwanted in life of his parent.

What will happen to daughter who doesn’t know who her real parents are…will doctor ever be able to tell his wife about their daughter ?

ITs quite slow at some time but I suggest to read this as its full of emotions and remind us how joy and sorrow are interconnected. This books reminds us that we always try to protect our loved ones from suffering but what they want us is true sharing rather than just good times.

My rating – 4/5