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I too had a luv story

12 Mar


This is not book review….there is more to it.

I picked up this book just on my instinct from flipkart and also coz price was too less 🙂 But due to busy schedule it kept lying in my bookshelf  for more than a month . Last week I was bored with idiot box..as nothing good was coming ..so picked up this book.

Story started with guy name “Ravinder” who is software engineer and working with infosys and looking for perfect match through most common channel of  geeks – Shaadi.com. Soon he find luv of his life Khushi and stayed in touch with her through phone only without seeing her.  After few months they met and get ok from family side to get married soon….Pretty normal like any other luv story.

But there comes twist in tale. Khushi met with accident just two days before her engagement. This news unfold in last section of book…hardly 15pages left….but in those 15 pages i got bigger shock

From lot of facts mentioned below…I just recollect I know Khushi.. …We shared cab for 5-6 days …there were so many facts similar in my colleague Khushi and this khushi mentioned in books


  • Accident two days before engagement
  • Date of engagement 14th Feb 2007
  • House near to one of famous hotel of city ( Name of hotel is mentioned in book)
  • She shifted one week before accident from emea to NA ( night shift ) shift  and accident happened while coming back from work at 5:00 AM
  • City where she lives and where she works
  • Religion – Punjabi sardaar
  • Hospital name she stayed in first and after few days move to next hospital.
  • She got multiple fracture in her jaw and that was main cause of  her death
  • She was sitting at back seat next to driver….driver died on spot and person next to driver was safe and car hit truck from one side.
  • Blood was arranged from company where she works by sending mail to all employees
  • And above all name


All the above mentioned things are same with my colleague and girl mentioned in book.  At the time of death she was kind of hi-hello fren….I felt bad at news of her death but now after reading book…after reading all her emotions and splly abt Ravinder….what he must be going through…I felt terrible. It was big shock for me to read about someone i knew in real….