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3’s A Crowd – Book Review 2

19 Feb


 Title : 3’s A Crowd
Author:    Vijay Nagaswami
Price:        INR. 250/-
Publisher: Westland

   This book is 3 rd in series by Chennai based relationship counsellor Vijay Nagaswami. His earlier two books “24* 7 Marriage : Smart Strategies for good beginning” and ” The fifty – 50 Marriage : Return to intimacy” dealt with some tips and tricks abt surviving in marriage in era where divorce are ever increasing.

3’s A crowd deals about understanding and surviving infidelity. Quoting from back page

ITs a myth that only men have affairs.

Who do you think they are having affair with ? It’s not only the aggrieved partner that needs to  understand and survive infidelity. The perpetrator too is sometimes a victim of affair.

Book is divided into two parts 1) Understanding Infidelity 2) Surviving Infidelity

 First few chapter explains how affairs are so common these days specially in middle and higher socio economic class and its like everybody has a token in their hand and waiting for their turn. Author has included several stories about couple who think they are just fren and sharing some 50 sms and 20  mails and few hours on call everyday  is perfectly normal frenship 🙂 Every line is followed by a story of affair..most of the time ppl think they are casual frens and soon they start feeling emotionally attached.

There are several examples of couple who found their spouse in relationship with colleague and it was so easy to track them down coz of sms/phone bills/email etc.  He also covered e-affair in which couples havent met but are actively involved each other through internet.  And there is something called “peer pressure affair” ( I actually laughed out loud after reading this 🙂 ) How ppl look for affair just to get out of image of ” party pooper “

Second part which cover surviving infidelity deals with trauma of aggrieved and transgressor patrner and later how to survive the bandwagon.

My take on book – I got this review copy from Blogadda. When I showed my interest in book, i didn’t realise that this in nont fiction book. I hardly read any non-fiction so at first moment i repented when I got review copy but it was not disappointed at all. I liked the fact that author has not looked those in affairs as villian and made book interesting with lot of short stories probably from his clients 🙂

My Rating – 3/5

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