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No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

29 Sep


Title – The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Author –  Alexander McCall Smith

Price –  Rs 389Flipkart

Precious Ramotswe lost her mother at young age of 3 and her father’s cousin took care of her in initial year.  During early years Mma Ramotswe is brilliant student and extremely honest. She also won state prize for drawing. After having failed marriage , she returned to her hometown to stay with her father. Her father runs a cattle farm with more than 200 cattle and expect Mma ramatswo to take over business after he is gone. Though Ramotswe is not at all interested in cattle business and sell everything after her father’s demise.

With lot of money in her hand , she started her dream business : Ladies detective agency at Gaborone, capital of Botswana.. ..agency which is run by women but work for both men and women and then started her journey as a detective working on some hilarious, some extermely honest and some really intriguing cases.

I loved the case in which one Indian father want to get information about her 16yr old daughter boyfriend. Mma Ramotswe followed daughter for couple of days and also inspected her and concluded that she doesn’t have boyfriend and she is just creating illusion for her father to get him worried as she is fed up with her constant questioning nature….Mma feel pity for young lady and convinced her father to give some freedom to daughter ….at the end we found that tis was not case 🙂

Then there is another story of doctor , sometime he is best and other time it seems he is too naive to work on patients, another story revolves around husband who got missing in holy water. There is another beautiful story of duplicate dad and story with subtle humour

My take on book :->

If I have to review the book in one word , I would have said “innocent”. There is impalpable innocent in all the residents of Botswana. I like the way author has described the people and surrounding of Botswana. It gives  you insight into lives and times of Africans. It gives  you real literary pleasure unlike typical page turner murder mystery. This book shows there is still honesty alive in some part of world and there are true pleasure hidden in most simple things

Rating 5/5

There are several other books in this series and I m brought all of them now 🙂  . this book also turned into TV series – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_No._1_Ladies%27_Detective_Agency_(TV_series)