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Love Life and All that Jazz…

8 Sep

Author:     Ahmed Faiyaz

Publisher:  Sanbun

Price:        Rs. 150/- (available for 99/- at Flipkart)

Love, life & all that jazz is story of 4 frens Tanveer , Sameer, Vicky and Tania and their respective partners. Story started when their college ends and spans over 5-6 yrs.

Sameer and Tania and college buddies and seeing each other from long .however their sweet and very strong relationship faces major hiccups when Sameer decided to go to UK for further studies and later decided to work their only.

Tania is interior decorator and in sameer’s absence fell for her business partner Ankur but Is Ankur really worth of tania..

Vicky is typical rich dad spoilt son who is supporting her model fren Naina and is in madly love with naina.however naina’s new publicity and her dreams of getting big into modeling by doing exposure make vicky feel bad…..but something happen which changes vicky’s attitude toward life.

Tanveer who is from small town and poor family is always burdened from his parents expectation and also center of all jokes by his frens..he fell in luv with his parsi housemate and Tanaj and later got confused to choose between parents or luv life..

What I like about this books is relationship seems real and like today’s youth don’t break after breakups or other family problems ..rather they get up and find a solution for problem. There is lot of positivity in book and frenship between 4 protagonist which makes it fun read….however very predictable happy ending.

Thing which i dont like is it has dates in beginning of each chapter and sometime story progress one year and i need to go back to previous chapter and look for date to understand it .

It no literary masterpiece or not even near to that but good read when you are travelling or for lazy afternoon 🙂  I finished it in two stretches..

My Rating :- 3/5