28 Feb



I am big fan of Japanese write Keigo Higashino. His two earlier books have lasted impressions0 on me. I always recommend his books to all who want to enjoy good mystery. When I started reading Malice from very first chapter I was hooked. Its story of famous writer Kuniko Hidaka who found dead in his house by his old school friend and his newly wed wife. Some twist and turn into story and detective Kaga found that school friend might be killer. But Is he really a killer and what can be his motive of doing murder of his own best friend. What kind of person Hidaka was. Was he writing his own novel or was using some ghostwriter.

Its not regular who don it kind of book like all other previous books of Keigo. You know who has done if from very beginning but what  is the motive of murder and how he has done it. That’s what keep you intrigued till the end.

IF somebody ask me which is one write whose book you can pick out without reading the backcover, my answer would be any book of Keigo Higashino.

Do read this book and I can guarantee you will not regret.

My rating – 5



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